This minute book starts with the Annual General Meeting of 4th November 1907 and continues through to 1929.

Mon 4th Nov 1907

A new Minute Book and a new Secretary. Irving Whitworth replaces Jesse Hardwick.

AGM 4 Nov 1907

Mr Hardwick resigned his position as Honorary Secretary to the Society after a service of 25 years…. The question of permitting professional gardeners to exhibit along with the amateurs was…

Mon 2nd Dec 1907

Rules for terms under which Professional Gardeners could show agreed

Meeting 2 Dec 1907

The question of introducing professional gardeners was again discussed and it was unanimously resolved to permit them to exhibit but only in the names of their employers……

Mon 6th Jan 1908

A payment on account of one shilling requested from each potential exhibitor.

Meeting 6 Jan 1908

It was decided that a payment of 1s. on account of entrance fee should be made by each intending exhibitor….

Mon 3rd Feb 1908

Hardwick promised to ascertain whether there was any copy of original rules in the old records of the society

Meeting held 3rd February 1908

Present: W. Mellor, J. Hardwick, J. Wright, F.W. Tyson, J. Taylor, J.S. Hill, Herbert Ellis and I. Whitworth (Secretary) Minutes…

Meeting 3 Feb 1908

Some discussion was raised with regard to the drafting of new rules….

Meeting 2 Mar 1908

….a suggestion made by Mr Tyson that the judging of flowers at the annual exhibition should be by points on a maximum basis to be determined previous to the show….

Mon 6th Apr 1908

Transfer of flowers from the Amateur classes to the Open classes considered

Meeting held 6th April 1908

Present: W. Mellor, A. Moorhouse, J. Wright, Jesse Hardwick, W. Tunnicliffe, J. Taylor, J.S. Still, T.W. Tyson, H. Ellis &…
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