How much did events in the outside world show up in the Society’s minutes? Surprisingly little, considering that the first two minute books covered the period of the two world wars…

1907 Minute Book

Sun 2nd Jul 1916

“The number of members of Subscribers is the lowest on record due no doubt to the war.”

Sun 29th Sep 1940

“…a letter from Sir A D Hall our President expressing his regret at being unable to be present at our show owing war conditions.”

Sat 24th Apr 1943

“An Appeal was read for a grant for the Wakefield Triplets Fund, so a collection was taken amongst members present…”

Sat 9th Dec 1944

“…an appeal from the Mayoress for clothing etc for air-raid damaged homes in London.”

Sat 13th Jan 1945

“Our worthy host, explaining, that under the coal and fuel rationing, he was only allowed to heat one room, besides his own kitchen.”

Sat 12th May 1945

“We had just fought a War for over 5 years & 8 months to stop dictatorship…….”