Sat 12th May 1945

The Chairman F R Hunter, presided over a moderate attendance. Minutes of last meeting was read and confirmed

The secretary, then said there seemed to be some misunderstabding, regarding the wording & meaning of certain classes in Schedules for Shows.He wanted to meet all members wishes, & to establish a stable and lasting understanding. This, their meeting was the place & not off hand talk out of meetings. Whilst it was desireous to suit every member, it was never the lessunderstood, minutes were passed or recinded by the majority, & members must show & act by that Majority, & less personal feeling stop & let us all act in a democratic way.

We had just fought a War for over 5 years & 8 months to stop dictatorship. Out of this arose some heated discussions, the Chairman finally saying every member present had had a fair chance to voice his opinion& he called for a concrete proposition & ruling

Pro Mr N Eyre, seconded W Beddows that Class 8

Pan of 6 Breeders, should read 2 Biblomens,2 Bizarres & 2 Roses Dissimilar. & Class 10 Pan of 3 Breeders, should read 1 Biblomen,1 Bizarre, & 1 Rose. This was carried & it is trusted members will adhere to this wording in future & show to Schedule & the judges see they judge schedule.

It was mentioned regarding lack of interest shown by members, only on show day, The Treasurer telling members present that Mr Siddall had presented a bill for 17/6 for his staff taking down & dismantling our show , putting our property outside & his property (which he kindly loaned to us) back down cellar & for cleaning & polishing room.

All this led to a further discussion, it was felt that if we were to pay in future for this, then the room on Show day also ought to be presentable & clean.

Members expressed willingness to help & not let this occur in future, several out of the district members, saying if they failed to come, they would rather in fact pay something towards some-one who would undertake such duties. Finally our Treasurer was instructed to pay this 17/6 to Mr Siddall & obtain a receipt for same. Our Treasurer presented an up to date Balance Sheet of our Show, showing at present a loss of over £12, but as several bills were still to pay & more patrons money to come in, a true statement could not be arrived at. Still it was felt, each of our shows should be self supporting, & an effort by members to (during the 12 months prior to shows) make this possible was expressed by every -one present

In the mean time members to study over how this could be brought about, as if we are to keep the same standard of Blooms up, then the full prize money should be paid, this to be found each year, by our united efforts.

The Prize money was then paid out to members by the Treasurer in full. Next meeting to be Sat 30th June at Sec option. Secretary to notify all members.

N H Eyre 6/10/45

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