Sat 24th Apr 1943

Meeting commenced at 7pm, our President FR Hunter eEsq being present, he naturally took the Chair.

Other members present were

Mr Akers, Mr Robert Robinson, Mr Tear, Mr Ayre

Mr Baxendale, Mr R Robinson, Mr EH Robinson, Mr Beddows

Mr Mouter, Mr Butterworth, Mr Robshaw(treasurer)

& Mr Hunt (Sec)

Minutes of last meeting were read & confirmed

It was proposed by EH Robinson, sec J Akers that the date of our 107th Annual Show be on Sat & Sun 8th& 9th of May 1943

A letter was then read by our Sec from J W Milner Mayor of Wakefield for 1943, saying he would be pleased to open our show & would be accompanied by the Mayoress, also Deputy Mayor J E M Hurst & deputy Mayoress. Our secretary’s action then being endorsed in his forethought in writing the Mayor, in order to save time for an early show.

It was decided to give a bouquet to the Mayoress & deputy Mayoress. Our President F R Hunter to introduce all the civic personal

Mr Bingham to Propose vote of thanks, Mr Robertson to second & also say a few words on Tulips etc.

Pro Mr Tear, sec W Beddows that part of flowers be sold 0n Sat evening, the others on Sunday.

Mr EH Robinson & Mr J Mouter to be Auctioneers

It was decided that regarding our 3 members to go round with Judges on Show Day, that

Mr Robshaw go round with Mr R Robinson

Mr Akers ” ” Mr J Midgley

Mr Ayre ” ” Mr W Beddows

The following were elected to be Door-Men & times below was decided on.

Mr J Akers & C Baxendale 6pm to 7-30

Mr R Robinson & J Mouter 7-30 to 9-0

Mr EH Robinson & A Robshaw 9-0 to 10-45

An Appeal was read for a grant for the Wakefield Triplets Fund, so a collection was taken amongst members present, our President starting it with 10/- & the sum of £1-7-0 was realized.

Mr FR Hunter taking charge of the 27/- & he to hand it over to the Mayor on Show day on behalf of Society. Next meeting to be on

Sat 29th of May 1943

FR Hunter May 29th 1943

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