Mon 29th Sep 1975

ALR Hunter in the Chair also present J Akers, C Harrison

H Collins, B Carr, H Jackson, H V Calvert, R B Green, P Emmett,

S Knowles, Secretary —K N Eyre

Apologies — D Guest, C Marsh, D Wood

The minutes of the last meeting were read and moved as a true record.

Matters Arising — None

Correspondence a letter was received from Mr Jan Hargocv of Czechoslovakia asking about the society and if we could have him as a member. We had also received a letter form Wakefield Metropolitan Festival Co Ltd asking if we would send a representative to a meeting on 22nd Sept to discuss the Festival ’77. as the meeting had already gone no action was taken.

A letter was read from Mr H W Brook of Bristol asking for detail of the English Tulip. — The Secretary was asked to write to him.

New Members It was agreed to make Jan Hargocv a honorary Member as it would be difficult to get money from behind the ‘Iron Curtain’

Trophies — The Secretary reported that the two new plinths had arrived at a cost of £10.90

Distributin of Dutch Bulbs. All members, collected their orders and all monies were received.

Mr Akers had brought along 20 Sam Barlow and 10 Gold???? for sale at10p each

President — A short discussion took place about asking the Marquis of Hartington to take the Prsidency as

Mr Hunter felt that he could do more for the Society than he. also Mr Hunter would like to take a more active roll. in The Secretary was asked to write to the Marquiss for his comments

Mr S Knowles presented an a trophy for class 8 again at our annual show Mr K Eyre thanked him on behalf of the society.

Meeting Closed at 8.45pm (Signed ???? 12/4/76

The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society

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