Mon 1st Dec 1975

also present were D Guest, C Harrison, R B Green,

C Heptonstall, J N Gibson, H V Calvert, Mrs Townsend

K N Eyre Hon Sec

Apologies — Mr A L R Hunter

Minutes of the 139th Annual General Meeting were read and approved.

Matters Arising — None

Annual Report and Financial Statement. This had been sent out to all members this was accepted.

Auditors Report Mr C Harrison reported that the books was in a correct state of order. A vote of thanks were expressed by H V Calvert and seconded by Mr RB Green to the secretary and Auditors for their reports.

Election of Officers

President A letter was read from the Marquis of Hartington expressing his willingness to take on the role of President

Proposed by C Heptonstall and Sec. by C Harrison this was carried.

Vice Presidents — DG Iveson, N H Eyre, J Akers, J Hardman

W D Tear, S Knowles, G W Gray, Miss B D Snape, Mrs Markham

Mrs White, Mr H V Calvert, was elected for service to the

Society also Mr E Worthington(Manager of Perkins)

Chairman R B Green proposed C Harrison Sec C Heptonstall

Hon Sec K N Eyre proposed H V Calvert Sec D Guest

Treasurer A L R Hunter Proposed K N Eyre Sec R B Green

Auditors N H Eyre, C Harrison, proposed D Guest Sec C Heptonstall

Show Sec H V Calvert Proposed N H Eyre Sec K N Eyre

Mr H V Calvert proposed a vote of thanks to K N Eyre and

A L R Hunter for stepping into the jobs at short notice at the start of the year seconded C Heptonstall.

Annual Show. It was agreed to hold one show at the Duke of York. The sec was asked to write to the NCB to borrow the vases, Mr H V Calvert asked if we could make delete the last five words on in the schedule concerning the seedling Cup. this was carried

New Members 4 letters had been received asking to become members Sir Sackerverell Sitwell, H W Brook, J N Gibson

R Ashton, Proposed by R B Green Sec C Heptonstall.

Northern Horticutural Society — It was agreed not to renew

are our membership this year due to the rise in cost £5.50

The meeting closed at 9.00pm (Signed R B Green 24/8/76)

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