Mon 28th Jul 1975

A L R Hunter in the chair also present C Harrison, R B Green

B Carr, C Heptonstall, H Collins, H V Calvert, N H Eyre, J Grace

K N Eyre —Secretary

Apologies — W D Tear, D Guest, C Marsh, Mr Fox

The minutes of the last meeting on 39th June 1975 were read and moved as a true record.

Matters Arising — None

Correspondence Two letters were read one from D J Reade of Bristol and the other from J V Vickers of London, both asking for English tulip bulbs

Bulb Orders 11 members placed orders from J Parkers for Dutch bulbs. It was agreed to sent for the bulbs on a pro forma with the society standing the cost and then on receipt of the bulbsthe society would inform members of these costs, and payment would be made at the next meeting

English Tulip bulbs – Mr Harrison moved a vote of thanks to Mr J Akers for distributing English tulip bulbs to members

Meeting closed at 8.45pm (Signed ALR Hunter)

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