Wed 29th Jan 1975

Messrs A L R

Hunter, K N Eyre, C Heptonstall, M Jackson, D Guest,

W D Tear, N H Eyre, H V Calvert & Mrs H Townsend

Correspondence was read from Mr Rory McEwan enclosing a cheque for £25.00 towards the cost of printing booklets. The Secretary had already sent an appropriate reply & this was approved.

A letter was read from Mr S Knowles offering to donate an engraved plaque for the winner of Class 8

Page 29a

BOX 1 Infantry Secretary Tulip Society

February 1975

Tulip Booklets 880

Stickers with amendment I Pkt

* Raffel Tickets 1 Box Nos 4301 to 10,000

17 Books approx Raffel Tickets assorted Numbers

2 Receip Book 1 new

3 Letter Books with tulips

2 Plain Letter books

1 Current letter book

1 Box small white envelopes (named)

2 Pkts Brown envelopes Named & Plain

1 pkt Meeting post cards

1 pkt Drawing Pins

1 pkt of Membership Forms

1 Metal Plate (Tulips ) for Letter head

1 pkt 1973 Show Reports

1 PKT OF Information Sheets (Proprties of Tulip 1899)

1 pkt Names for Tulips (Green Cards)

1 pkt of Show Schedules 1974

* 2 Receipt Books

* 1 Cash Book current

1 Minute Book "


Old letter books from 1951


Past Minute books etc ei Also Stand of 12 rectified, at the 1975 Annual Show, This offer was gratefully accepted and the secretary was to write thanking Mr Knowles for his gift

The plaque to be the permanent property of the winner.

The main purpose of the meeting was to elect a new Secretary & Treasurer but there were no nominations

However Mr K N Eyre agreed to take over the secretary’s duties on a temporary basis until the next Annual General Meeting, Mr A L R Hunter volunteered to assist with the bookkeeping. Mr H V Calvert would act as the Show Secretary. It was agreed that we should consider the appointment of a Show Committee at the next ordinary meeting.

It was agreed that Messrs ALR Hunter K N Eyre + H V Calvert be empowered to sign cheques on behalf of the Society & that two of the three signatures be necessary to draw money from the bank.

An accumulation of journals from the Northern

Horticultural Society were XXX distributed to members present & a seed list handed round for members to choose what they wanted form the issue of free seeds

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

K N Eyre

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