Tue 17th Apr 1973

Apologies were received from Messrs C Heptonstall,

J W R Fox, for unavoidable absence

Mt J Akers took the chair & also present were

Messrs A L R Hunter, C Marsh, B Carr, R B Green,

H Collins, W D Tear, S Knowles, P Emmett

N H Eyre, K N Eyre, J Hardman, A Hayward

R Trippitt, R Frost, Mrs H Townsend, Mr & Mrs K Burton, & H V Calvert Secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Arising from the minutes Mr Frost brought estimates for re-printing Barr & Sons booklet from Siddalls of Cleckheaton quoting £37 for 500 copies & £48 for 1000. Samples of paper & printing were examined & it was agreed to order 1000 copies the secretary to edit & confirm with the printers about the final format.

Mr Hunter suggested that most of the cost could be offset by adverts on the inside covers, eight 2" adverts at £5 each for example would bring in £40. His firm Victoria Garage Middlestown would be willing to subscribe he undertook to get further subscribers

The secretary was asked to write to Garden News to see if they were willing to adver take an advert & also let them know the show dates for their representative Jack Wood.

Show Dates Mr W D Tear announced that we could have the use of the Parochial Hall at Altofts for our Early show & that the Landlord at the Jockey had agreed to the sale of blooms & the raffle being held there as usual This offer was gratefully accepted & thanks were expressed to Mr Tear

The show to be held 12th May at the usual time entries form1.0 to 3.0pm. It was agreed to ask Jack Burton to judge the Darwin classes at this show

It was still uncertain about the room at the Duke of York & Mr Urrell would contact the Brewery immediately asking them to delay the start of alterations until after Monday

21st May to enable our Annual Show to take place there on Saturday 19th May. He would let

Mr Hunter know the outcome straight away.

In the meantime Mrs Townsend had got permission to hold the show at the Woolpacks at Horbury if the Duke of York was not available.

Mr Keith Eyre had made enquiries about the schoolroom at the Unitorian Chapel Wakefield

& a letter was read from the caretaker quoting £10. It was agreed that the secretary should reply that we had now managed to get suitable accomodation

The following prizes were donated for this year’s raffle s.

Altofts Show

  1. ½ bottle of rum unclaimed last year

  2. £1 Donated by Mr Akers

  3. Bottle of wine donated by Mr W D Tear

  4. £1 " " " A Tear

  5. A prize " " J G Hardman

Tickets 5 for 5p

Annual Show

  1. Bottle of sherry donated by Mr & Mrs K Burton

  2. 50 Cigarettes " " C Marsh

  3. 1 ½ lbs box of chocolates " Mrs H Townsend

  4. ½ bottle whisky " " Mr A LR Hunter

  1. Ladies brush and comb set donated by Mr S Knowles

  2. Pair of tea towels " " P Emmett

Three judges were selected for the Annual

Show old English classes, Messrs N H Eyre

H V Calvert & J G Hardman who could use the card system as last year.

As we were unable to get schedules printed at such short notice it was agreed that a newsletter be sent out to all members giving reasons for the delay etc & stating that the show schedule would be the same as last year.

Mr B Carr offered to type &duplicate sufficient copies of last years schedule for the use of exhibitors

As it alos too late now to arrange for the Mayor it was agreed that the show should be opened by our President Mr ALR


A raffle foe chocolates donated by Mr Hardman realised £1.05p

The next meeting was arranged for 1st May

J Akers May 1st

The Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society

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