Fri 8th Nov 1985

With the absence of our chairman Mr James L Akers took the chair with about 12 members present names not taken on the ni on the occasion.

Apologies were received from J Akers H Calvert

N H Eyre Jane Eyre

The Minutes of the last meeting were read and approved with no matters arising

Correspondence There were several letters from members asking for bulbs which the Hon Sec would deal with

Bulb Distribution The members present received the a very comprehensive collection of the varieties of English Florist Tulips which had been given by James Akers Alex harper (who had forced to return his bulbs owing to the lost of his allotment) Jane Eyre and Keith Eyre. This year members received both Breeders and Rectified and the chair expressed that members would bring the results to the show in 1986 as distribution took a long time the meeting broke up about 9.50pm

JG Hardman


1971 page 107