Wed 3rd Jun 1992

Present: Chairman J Hardman at 70 Wrenthorpe Lane Secretary W.M. Akers Wrenthorpe Treasurer J.L. Akers Wakefield Committee: M. Hainsworth, A. Hayward, W. Tear, Mr K Syre Miss J.Eyre The minutes of the committee meeting held on 13th May 1992 were read and signed as a true record

Matters arising

The novices Cup ahd been found in the possession of Mr Akers. It had not been taken by Beryl Royles because of her husband’s accident and subsequent early departure.


Many cheques for subscription had been sent in.

Letters were read from Victor Roozen and Jack Wenyss-Cooke

Treasurers Show Report

The treasurer tabled a draft account of this Raffle and stationary account not yet finalized.

The Dutch Show had made a loss last year of £63.57 and this had grown in 1992 by £50. There were more classes therefore more prize money. The advert in Wakefield Express plus engraved glass (extra for most points) went some way towards this sum. The show was superb and well supported in entries and quality.

There was however no sale of bloom on significant door takings. He felt we couldn’t continue to stand a loss of that size if we fell back in numbers because new members didn’t continue.

Main Show

We had lost £220 pounds on the two shows, compared to £40 last year. The room hire was £60 more. This was offset to a large extent by the income from the raffle £51.92 and plants donated by P. Royles £18. It was a better show than we had feared, we had some new members showing. Malcolm Hainsworth and Trevor Mills were showing in the larger classes.


We had a large number of new members, many had, had a few bulbs and the 1991 Newsletter. Subscriptions were coming in again and the Newsletter was the main benefit they would receive in return for their £3 or £4 subscriptions, so important to make it a s good as possible.

Mr Hardman was asked for his Chairman Report Miss j. Eyre for an article entitled "How to prepare flowers for the show" which would benefit new members who were contemplating showing.

Half the cost of the newsletter was postage some should include the show results, notice of the AGN, details of the next meeting, schedule of Dutch show and the date of the next show.

Financial projection

Last year’s account didn’t include costs of sending Bulbs in November. Incurred additional losses on show were app £180. At least £250 of the £380 we made going out of profit. The treasurer said he would not be surprised if we got ????? 50 of members last year so an additional loss of £150+. Over 2 years we were £4,500 better off but we needed to keep an eye on numbers of members which could significantly alter our income.

Bulb ordering Meeting

To order Parker’s bulbs for local members. Mr. W Tear Offered to include deal with orders. We should Try to include the notice in the Newsletter to save on Postage. Friday 10th July was chosen as the date At 8pm Unity Hall


First Saturday in October 1992 at Wrenthorpe Village Hall. Agenda same times. After society business A talk and slides from T Mills and other photographs Of Dutch Show

Distribution of English Florist Tulips

There was quite a list of new members who had joined since the bulb distribution last year

Mr W Tear questioned where the bulbs form Mr H. Clavert had gone. A discussion followed on this subject.

Annual Shows 1993

Provisional dates — subject to confirmation Dutch Show 8th May 1993

English Show 15th May 1993

Two factors have to be taken into consideration, springs See, to be warmer — so our normal rule of thumb doesn’t work, even six weeks before the show. Extremely difficult to book a large hall at such short notice.


Quote for replacing Perkin Trophy

Re-engrave incorrect engraving

K.Eyre to borrow the cases

A note in newsletter about proposed trip to Holland organised by Mr W Tear. He would provide estimate of costs.

J.Hardman hoped the secretary would make more use of the committee, Newsletter collating our envelopes

The meeting closed at 9.30pm

JG Hardman

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