17 May 1830

Wakefield & Halifax Journal 1830
Wakefield & Halifax Journal

This show was held in the Music Saloon, Wood Street and has a number of interesting features. It has often been said that when classes for Self tulips appeared in a show that it was just Breeder tulips that were being exhibited, however this report seems to belie that logic since there were classes for Self and Breeder tulips. Self tulips are either white or yellow since their petal colour is the same as their base. Note that the Breeders were not named on this occasion, as they were often left until they had produced an acceptable broken form before naming.

Both Parrot and Double tulips were also shown, which would not have pleased Sir Daniel Hall, the Society President until his death in 1942, and who wrote his opinion of Doubles in his book The Tulip: “Better dead

Vegetables and Fruit were also included in the scheduled classes.