Sat 12th Jun 1954

book1954_004Minutes of Meeting held at the Jockey Hotel
Northgate Wakefield June 12<sup>th</sup> 1954 at 7pm.
Members Present Messrs Beddows (Chairman) N Eyre
A Tear G Hunt H Calvert J Prest J Hardman
K Robinson L Jukes W Markham F Booth & the sec
Pro J Hardman } That minutes of previous meeting sec G Hunt } be accepted as a true record
Correspondence an apology for absence was received from Mr J W Midgley .
A letter was read from Mrs Robinson thanking the Society for its sympathy & floral tribute on the death of her husband.
Pro N Eyre that secretary’s action in replying
Sec A Tear to the City Clerk of Wakefield on giving the Thornes Club as the Headquarters of our society for their Handbook.
Pro G Hunt that we deal with the
Sec H Calvert business of Sachevall Sitwell’s application for bulbs at our next meeting.
The Secretary next gave a report of the show
& the financial report of same.
Pro F Juke that we give £2-2-0 to the
Sec G Hunt Thornes Club Committee to be used at their discretion & £1-1-0 to the Steward as last year.
The secretary’s report on the advert missed out of the Wakefield Express for the Thornes Show was accepted.
The Secreatry to ask Thornes Club Committee to hold open the 21st May & 28th May 1955 weekends for our show.
The secretary dealt with the need of a more socialistic policy with regard to bulbs of Old

English Tulips & offered to distribute some offsets as raffle prizes this year
Pro Mr Tear sec J Prest that a standard be set for the Dutch Tulips at our next meeting
There was no raffle
Next Meeting 10th July 1954
F A Hunter July 10th 1954