Thu 29th Sep 1932

Members present were as follows

Mr R Robinson (Chairman) W Robinson (Treas)

Messrs Boulby-Hiley-Lockwood-E H Robinson.

Pro Mr Boulby sec Mr Hiley

That owing the absence of the secretary

Mr E H Robinson act as secretary Pro Tem

No correspondence or minutes were to hand.

Pro and sec} that our secretary Mr Hewitt be asked to attend the next meeting and explain his lack of interest in the Society’s business and in the event of his not being able to devote more time in our interest he be asked to resign his secraterial duties.

Pro Mr Hiley sec Mr Lockwood}

That instead of paying prize money to all entrys as before we try the following rules for one year only

Only the First-Second and Third to recieve prize money and the Fourth to be

Highly recommended, this applys to all Pans or Classes Open or Local

Pro Mr Boulby sec Mr R Robinson}

That Mr Hiley be given permission to write

Mr Needham for bulbs promised to winner of novices Class

After a lengthy discussion regarding the vase class no proposition or alternative was made.

Pro Mr Hiley sec Mr Lockwood}

That the following be elected a member of this Society

Mr T England

31 Snapethorpe Road


Pro Mr Lockwood Sec R Robinson}

That our next and further meeting be held the last Tuesday in each month the secratery to give three days notice to all members if he disires any alteration or Special meeting.

) EH Robinson (Sec Pro Tem

Robt Robinson

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