Sun 28th Mar 1954

Members Present Messrs Hunter (President)

W Beddows A Tear N Eyre G Hunt

J Prest W Markham K Robinson

H Calvert F Booth K Rumford

J Hardman & the Sec J Akers


Pro Mr Beddows sec Mr N Eyre That minutes of previous meeting be accepted as a true record


Pro Mr Hardman sec Mr Prest

That Secretary’s action in replying to Thornes WM’s Club accepting the date May 22nd & 23rd as the date of our Annual Show.


Pro Mr Beddows sec N Eyre That the date of the Altofts Show be May 15th & 16th

Pro A Tear sec G Hunt that Altofts

Schedule be as Schedule for 1952 except that "class9 be made Class8"

and that "Class 9 be 5 Tulips any

colour not included in the above"

Proposition Pro Mr Hunt sec Mr Beddows "That the FR Hunter Cup (kindly given for competition by the President F R Hunter) be awarded to Class 1 and the Gold

Medal for most points in Show"

Amendment Pro A Tear sec K Robinson "That the Gold Medal be awarded to Class 1

& that the Cup be given for most points.

The proposition was carried

Entrance Pro W Beddos sec J Hardman

That 3d per entry or 2/- althrough be charged.

Amendment Pro A Tear sec N Eyre that

3d per entry & 1/- althrough be charged

Further Amendment Pro H Calvert sec

K Robinson That 3d per entry be charged.

The proposition was carried

Pro N Eyre sec W Beddows thatJudge for this show who shall also judge dutch classes in the Thornes Show be appointed at the next meeting

Annual Show

Pro N Eyre sec W Beddows "That

His Worship the Mayor of Wakefield be asked to open the show"

After the Secretary had read out the Dutch Classes in our Show previous to last year it was "pro G Hunt sec J Prest "That Schedule be adopted

& printed as in the year before last"

Pro J Hardman sec F Booth "that

There shall be a raffle for each show"

Pro N Eyre sec W Beddows "That

Mr Reg Robinson be asked to judge

Old English Classes. This was carried unanimously. Mr Hunter also provided another Cup to be called

"The G S Hunter Memorial Cup"

Pro W Beddows sec N Eyre "That this shall be awarded to the 6 Breeders

Class. Next Meeting Apl 18th

A Raffle 2 doz Chrysanthemums Plants

& 2 ½ doz eggs realized 13/6 profit after paying 2/6 for room.

FR Hunter Apr 15th 1954

" Names & Adresses"

Mr JW Midgley 22 Exley Gardens Salterpebble Halifax

Mr W Beddows 51 High Green Rd Altofts Normanton Yorks

R Snowden 53 Kettel Thorpe Estate Kettel Thorpe Rd Wakefield

Mr J Akers 60 Croft Avenue Altofts " " "

Mr A Tear 23 Church Rd " " " "

Mr Ellis Walker Meadow Bank Shady Lane Withenshawe Manchester

Mr N Eyre Ashdene Southfields Horbury Nr Wakefield

Mr G Hunt 8 Elmwood Grove " " "

Mr A Robshaw No1 Walnut Avenue,Peacock Estate Wakefield

Mr J Prest Elm Place Cluntergate Horbury Nr Wakefield

Mr K Robinson 7 Sycamore Terrace Horbury "

Mr EH Robinson 61 Green Lane " "

Mr FR Hunter Northfield House " "

Mr J Moutter Greens Buildings " "

Mr K Robinson 83 Station Road Ossett

Mr Atkinson 161 Wakefield Road Normanton Yorkshire

Mr R Hall 171 Church Rd Altofts Normanton "

Mr Reginald Robinson 23 Field House St, Off Agbrigg Rd Wakefield

Mr L Jukes 45 Croft Ave Altofts Normanton

Mr A Bulmer Sundowne Northfield Lane Horbury Nr Wakefield

Mr J B Herst, 48 Henry Street Wakefield

Mr AT Meens 8 Bentley Rd Lupset Wakefield

Mr J Hardman 61 Church Kane Normanton

Mr F Helliwell Southfiekds Horbury Nr Wakefield

Mr W Markham 7B Back Hatfield St Wakefield

Mr A W right Industrial St Horbury Junction Nr Wakefield

Mr K Rumford 21 Clifford Ave Portobello Estate Sandal

Mr L Lazenby Cross Street Horbury Nr Wakefield

Mr J Bunton 27 Henderson Ave Normanton

Mr Porrett 326 Flamshaw Lane Horbury

HV Bell 70 Broadway Lupset Wakefield

Mr Priestley 17 Manygates Lane Sandal Wakefield

Mr A Rogers 1 Dalefield Ave Normanton

F Booth 23 Gills Yard Northgate Wakefield

Mr F Burrows Highfields House Horbury

Cr E Briggs Willowgarth Horbury

Cr A Bate Thornleigh Northfield Lane Horbury Page 269

South Holland Horticultural Association

1 Broad Street



Mr T Harrold Holmes

Industrial Street

Horbury Junction

Nr Wakefield

Mr J W Davis

37 The Shutt


Mr H C Calvert

7 School Crescent



Mr P Kaye

51 Westley Street


NVL Stassen Junior


Agents for United Kingdom

Stassen Limited



For tulips etc

W Broomhead 21 Thorn Terrace Leeds 8



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