Sat 17th Apr 1971

Mr J Akers in the chair, also present, Messrs

J.W. Prest, C. Marsh, C. Heptinstall, R.B. Green

H. Collins, B. Carr, M. Jackson, S. Knowles,

P. Emmet, N.H. Eyre, K. Eyre, W.D. Tear, J. Fisher,

J. Hardman, R. Trippitt, Mrs H. Tawnsend &

H.V. Calvert, secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed

The Secretary reported that the family of the late F.R. Hunter had expressed a wish to carry on with the insurance of the Society Trophies was their annual donation, to be pay paid through

Mr A.L.R. Hunter. The secretary was asked to express the thanks of the Society to Mr Hunter who, it was unanimously agreed, should be elected a life Vice-president.

Raffle prizes for the forthcoming shows were donated as follows. The Society to provide ½ a bottle of Spirits, Mr J Akers £1-07. Messrs A & W. Tear, £1.

Mr J. Hardman a 3 ½ lb box of biscuits for the Altopts show on 8th May 1971.

For the 135th Annual Show on the 15th May 1971

The Society, ½ a bottle of Spirits, Mr S. Knowles a lady’s telescopic umbrella, Mr N.H. Eyre a 3 ½ lb box of biscuits, & Mr & Mrs Heptinstall a set of drinking glasses.

Raffle tickets were distributed to members present to be sold at 5 for 5 NP.

Posters advertising the shows were also distributed to be placed at strategic position in the neighbourhood.

It was agreed that the Garden News Certificate of merit be awarded at each of the shows page 172 for the exhibitor with the most points in the Dutch classes.

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman realised £1.

The meeting closed at 8-30 PM, & the next meeting was to be held early in June.

The Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society

Established 1836

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