Tue 12th Jun 1973

Apologies for unavoidable absence were received from Messrs R B Green & N H Eyre

In the chair Mr J Akers & also present

Messrs A L R Hunter, C Marsh, C Heptonstall,

B Carr, M Jackson, H Collins, S Knowles,

P Emmett, C Harrison, A Hayward, K N Eyre

J G Hardman, Mrs N Townsend & H V Calvert secretary.

The minutes of the last meeting were read & confirmed.

Correspondence A letter was read from Rory McEwan declining the opportunity to advertise in our booklet, but offering to cover up to £25 the cost of production not covered by the advertisements we manage to collect. This was gratefully accepted.

A letter was received from Mr Coypus Haffy USA enclosing a cheque for $3

Also from Mr C A Hawkes of Hertfordshire enclosing £1 subscription & donation.

And from the Wakefield Paxton Society with £5 for advertising space in our booklet.

Also a letter from Mrs L XXX Knight of Huddersfield asking for particulars of the society & membership.

£5 was received from via Mr Akers from Mr GW Gray of Stanningly Nr Leeds for subscription & donation.

Show report showed a net profit on the Altofts show of £9.35 & on the Annual Show of £9.90 which was considered to be very satisfactory.

It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to Mr Wilson the Vicar of Altofts thank for use of the Parochial Hall & to enclose 1 ??

(of £1.05p) for the Church Hall renovation fund

As the National ????? Societies had kindly given us free adverts wh in their year booksit was agreed that we should offer them a free advert in our booklet.

Our Chairman Mr J Akers gave notice that he wished to retire from the chairmanship at the next annual meeting to let a younger man take over

The Secretary was asked to write for catalogues for the next meeting on 24th July

A raffle for chocolates donated by Mr Hardman & florists tulips by Mr Akers realised £1.05p

The meeting closed at 8.30pm

K N Eyre

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