4 June 1877

1877_WEThe report of this show defined it as the 42nd, which was the source of the Society’s traditional claim to have been ‘Established 1836″. What led to this decision to start counting the years is not known, but it may not be a coincidence that 1877 was also the founding year of the Wakefield Paxton Society. It is now known that the 42 actually referred to the number of years since Abraham Holmes had become Secretary of the Society. For a detailed explanation, click here.

There were 13 exhibitors ‘judged through’ for the Best Six rectified flowers and for the first time a class for three breeders. It can be assumed that the class was for one each of the recognised colours. It is probable that these were staged as a class rather than being selected from the single bloom classes, as the final place was not awarded because ‘disqualified for want of exhibitors number‘. This was a fate experienced by exhibitors in other classes including Jeremiah Netherwood in the flamed bybloemens; ‘was entitled to the (first) prize, but was disqualified in consequence of his number not being on the bottle‘. Twas ever thus.